Tuesday, February 5, 2013


These last couple days have been a whirl wind!!! So much has happened I don't really know where to start. I guess I will start with the day of closing. Jason and I dropped my car off at the dealership for a check up, ate breakfast and headed to the title office. We got there twenty minutes early and after sitting for about 30 minutes, the attorney came back and said that our closing docs were delayed with UPS due to delay in weather. So we waited....and waited...and waited some more. About two hours later we decided to go to home depot to set up a blind measure while we waited on the UPS truck. We got to Home Depot (about 20 minutes away) and as soon as we pulled into the parking lot we got a call saying the documents arrived. So we turned around and headed back. It took about twenty minutes to get all of the paperwork signed and we were handed the keys. So we stopped by the house to go through by ourselves...and drove about 2 hours away to meet with a friend who was going to give us a good deal on some tvs. Turns out the deal was not as good as we thought and we did purchase a 51" Samsung Smart and a 51" Samsung regular, two mounts, a roku box and of course a Keurig :). After that we ate dinner and ended up at Best Buy to look at tv stands. We walked out two hours later with 2 32" televisions another 51" Samsung Smart on order, two tv stands two more roku boxes three more mounts...oh and of course coffee for the Keurig.

 All in all Best Buy definitely gave us a MUCH better deal. So from there it was on to the apartment to finish packing and cleaning. About an hour into the process Jason started throwing up...The flue hits at the most inconvenient times. So he laied down while I finished up. He felt better so  we went to the house to unload some important stuff (I.e. Cat Toilet). We did not get to hook it up however because Jason got sick again...So it was off back to the apartment to go to sleep. So Saturday Morning we were up bright and early. Long story short...we started moving at 7:00am and did not finish until 10:00PM. It was a VERY LONG day! We spent all day Sunday and Monday unpacking, hanging televisions and putting together beds. The three best parts so far (besides how much I LOVE my new house!!) include my Kurig...I have drank about 3 cups of coffee/hot chocolate every day since Saturday  I LOVE it. I add some cream sugar (and sometimes whipped cream) and it takes like a $5 coffee...It will pay for itself in no time at all! I got so many flavors for it...from dark hot chocolate, to my fave vanilla caramel coffee, to even ICED TEA! Okay well its hot when you brew it but add some ice and you have instant sweet tea.

This leads me to my second favorite thing so far...my new refrigerator! It is absolutely gorgeous! It's huge and I LOVE the ice maker. It is exactly what I pictured in my dream kitchen. My absolute favorite thing about this house is the jetted bath tub!!! I was so sore after all of the packing and moving Sunday night that I sunk into the bath tub added some bubbles and could feel my muscles relaxing almost instantly! The only bad part is I did not realize that you had to use special bubbles for a jetted bathtub and by the time I got done rinsing out the bubbles ...20 minutes later my back and knees were hurting again. I also love that I finally have a television in my bedroom. I can not wait to try it out tonight. Well I am beat...I think a nap is in order...Happy building!