Sunday, January 6, 2013

So there has been a little progress on the house the week. I don't know if i mentioned this yet or not but the vinyl and hardwood floors were installed. The shutters on two of the exterior windows were installed. The stone was finished up yesterday (Saturday). Still no cabinets or carpet...but we have 26 days before closing and I think they will have everything done. So far the only problems we have had is lack of communication which is a big one...but no major problems with the house. Once again I have a TON of enjoy :)

Finishing up the stone...what a muddy mess :(

Kitchen area

Living room/fireplace

Pantry in the kitchen/refrigerator area

Morning room!

Other side of morning room...

sideways picture of the half bath on main floor (sorry about the side pictures...don't know how to rate them)

Wood floors!!!

Library/sitting room :)

Library/sitting room


Entertainment area in basement...surround sound...I am going to talk to Jason about measuring this looks off center to me :(

Half bath in basement

Harry Potter Closet

Other part of basement (where computer desks/work area will be)

Wall in basement across from entertainment area... where couch is going. 

Exercise area in basement

Area in basement where cat toilet will be going  (which arrived in the mail this week btw! )

other side of exercise area in basement

Stairs that go from basement to upstairs.

Loft on 2nd floor

Stairs from 1st floor to 2nd floor

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

Guest bathroom

Guest bathroom

Guest Bathroom

Window above tub in master bath

Jetted tub!

Double vanity 

Master shower

Master bedroom

View from other side in master bedroom

Master bedroom closet

Looking down into morning room

Another picture of them finishing up the stone on the house :)

By the way...School starts up again tomorrow so My posts may become rare again. I will continue to look through all of your blogs though so keep up the posts. I know a lot of you are getting ready to close so good luck and congratulations! 

Happy Building!


  1. You are making great progress Melissa! It's nice to see it near completion.

  2. Wow look at you go, it was like yesterday you were saying how nothing was happening!!

    Don't you love the mud?

    Hate to see you go Melissa, me and Nadase and Meg are nearly done now...

    Try to keep us updated, don't worry about the pics!

    1. No worries DW, I'm not going anywhere! I'm going to continue to blog after we move in... I LOVE decorating and I haven't been able to decorate since we moved to our rental so I'm going to enjoy posting photos and I have a lot of ideas for things we are going to make ourselves that I'm going to post on here since we are always trying to save a buck... Why not make it vs buy it for 4times as much?


  3. Haha a little progress? Looks like a lot to me!! We are neck & neck! We just had some floors installed (photos to come, maybe tomorrow) and they have been working on the stone, still not done though, and we still need cedar shakes installed and we don't have any shutters yet :( but they keep saying carpet goes in next Friday so everything will pretty much be done then... So they have two weeks :)

    This is the fun part, I'm loving it, but still breathe heavy when I think of the possibility that we may never move in.

    Your house looks great! And it helped me to realize why they put three "odd" stones on each side of the windows since we still have plastic wrap and I can't look at our stone face on, I can only look up while really close to the stone. It's for the shutters to mount too! Duh!

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