Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I finally uploaded photos..and there are a lot so be prepared!! Warning they are out of order :(

The Loft

A bunch of new cookware we purchased. They are already packed away..not using them until we move :)

Garage full of goodies. I peaked and these are our railings!

Interior doors! And Jason with an annoyed look lol!

Exteriror shot! they started the siding. Can't wait to see it all together with the stone! We chose Spanish Olive :)

Another ext shot of the house...There are a lot of them lol

our temporary electric pole is falling :(

Another ext shot :)

The extra window we added in the Living room (future library). I plant to put in a window seat in this corner :)

One of the better pictures I have taken of the kitchen :)

Entry and stair case :)

loft again lol

Our new refrigerator (well the model anyway lol)

More goodies in the garage!

Living room windows :)

Inside of refrigerator (told you they were out of order lol)

Another shot of stair case :)

And another shot of refrigerator lol

Jason excited about the living room lol


Jetted bath tub!

Master Bedroom Closet!

Master Bedroom :)

Bedroom #2...its hard to get good pictures of the bedrooms with my phone because it does not zoom out enough...If I come across my digital I will take better photos :)

Bedroom #1

Ext shots ;)

more of the exterior lol

Morning room...so glad we went with the patio doors instead of sliding glass doors. 

The other side of morning...Jason blocking the view lol

Happy Building! and Happy New Year!!! 


  1. The house is looking good!

  2. Thanks Melissa for sharing the photos!! Your house has come a long way!!

  3. I love the Spanish Olive. No one in my Community has it either, yet I think it looks amazing with Stone (Buckeye) for us.
    Enjoy the Fridge!