Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Final walk through photos!!!

Final walk through went really well. If you notice a white spot in the living room and basement there is a reason...They forgot to hook up the electric to the jetted bathtub in the master bath. So they had to cut a hole in the walls to run electric up to it. Other than that a few touch up stuff but mostly great. Still have not heard from NVR about loan approval. Appraisal came back and all is good. We were told the final amount to bring to closing. Almost everything is packed...hopefully we finish up tomorrow. Hopefully we have our final NVR approval tomorrow as well. Really looking forward to Friday. One more day and then 10 days off!!!!

Living room/fireplace
See where the hole was? lol
Front room

Living room again
Under cabinet lighting with appliances and counter tops :)
Still going to be a mud pit but the front door was painted.

refrigerator area

Love Love Love the kitchen
Morning room
Dishwasher and Sink...we will be upgrading the sing faucet ourselves. 
French patio doors

Morning room
STOVE! my first glass top :)
View from morning room

As always happy building :)


  1. The house looks great! I hope you hear from NVR soon about the final approval. They sure like to wait until the last minute, don't they?

    I'm sure you'll love the glass cooktop... I know I do!

    1. Thank You! You will have to share tips on cleaning them... I heard they are hard to keep clean.

  2. Everything looks awesome! I really like the under cabinet lighting. I am thinking about installing that myself once we've moved in. It just looks so NICE!

    1. My inlaws have it and I love it... that is why we chose to go with it If you are trying to save money check out Ikea if you have one near. They have some that are easy to install for a good price. :)

  3. Love the house! I really like the under cabinet lighting as well. We plan to install after we move in. Hope you have a smooth closing.

    I don't plan on taking any vacation days until we move in April/May (depending on when the permit is approved).

    1. At lesst your vacation days will be during spring weather instead of winter lol. Its going to be freezing during our move this weekend...but hey... I am not complaining lol

  4. Wow, looking really really nice!!

    Things seem to be moving nicely and right on time...

    Under cabinet lighting is awesome....nice job!

  5. This is a beautiful home to start a family in! It is very spacious, which makes it perfect for a big family. The windows are well-designed and they look energy-efficient. What I love the most is the French patio door because it looks like it is inviting you to enjoy the panoramic view outside.

    >Terry Arnold

  6. Did you ordered extra power outlet on the wall for TV on the first floor in Family room? Or it was regular power outlet? Thank you!