Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cabinets and a shopping spree

I was speechless when i entered the house the other day. They had so much progress  I was seriously impressed! Here's the good part! Pictures :)

Our  cabinets were installed, the electric was up and running, the doors were installed, the outlet covers were in, light fixtures, toilets, sinks and so and so was amazing!

Pantry :)

Picture of the dusty right now
Security system :)
Laundry room area
They even installed racks obove where we are going to be  putting our cat toilet for maximum storage space!

Upstairs hallway...can't wait for the carpet to be put in!
Speaker in the ceiling
Lights..pointing up! You can see the shower head in the background :)

Shower fixtures!

Out of order but on another note...we spent way to much money today...This is my salt and pepper shaker and cookie jar :)

One of the guest bedrooms

View of stairs from loft
Double bowl vanity :)
Bathroom cabinets :)
a few more goodies we picked up for the kitchen 
I LOVE the fixtures on the bathtub!
Some bath accessories...and a pillow for my jetted tub ;)
Bathroom cabinets
half of surround sound wall in basement with the speakers in 

faucet fixtures

The dinning room table we bought today...yes we also purchased the white bench lol
Light fixtures in foyer 
We got this in black 
Towel bar!
More cabinets
working fireplace!
eyeball lights over fireplace
for the basement bath
for the master bath
for the powder room for now.. not crazy about this. it will get changed later
guest bath on second floor
in ceiling speakers

all lit up at night
address stone-before shutters where installed
better view of the table
installing the column on the porch

well dinners here...happy building!


  1. Hi Melissa! We are building a RH in Springboro as well! I just realized we were neighbors. We will be in the Winding Creek area. I I think your home is beautiful and can't wait to see more picks. :)

    1. Wow you are only a street over! We actually were getting ready to pick out our lot in Winding Creek and happened to go look at the Florence model at The Greens of Bunnelhill and decided to build there. Winding creek is so beautiful! I can't wait to see what it looks like when all the phases are completed. How far along are you guys?

    2. We just signed papers on Dec. 21st. We had our finalization meeting this past Wed. Now we are just waiting on NVR to come back with an approval and then the preconstruction meeting. It looks like we will break ground at the end of Feb. or the beginning of March.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Elise! I am really in love with the tables but really worried because I am not sure they match the counter tops we picked out (Antique Mascarillo). We plan to switch to granite in the next two years or so...but still I am nervous about it lol.

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