Sunday, January 20, 2013

Almost there

Congrats to everyone that has closed! I hope to be right along with you a week from Friday! For now...enjoy the pictures :)

Picture of window in loft area at top of stairs and guest bedroom 

my stairs :)

Looking down over the banister


Picture of the shower- taken by looking through the mirror

Walk in closet :)

Side window in future library area

I LOVE this picture!!

Fire Place :) official

I love this window :)

Cant wait until we have grass and a driveway


harry potter closet :)

Living room 

I love this sink!

our deck! its really muddy right now though :(

So happy with the way it turned out

not much progress in the kitchen 

It works :)

Flooring :)

my railings...sad they got it on the wall but hopefully they will fix it 

Future library windows :)

i LOVE my tub!
Looking down on the deck from bedroom window

In love with my stairs and railings 

loft again

Stairs to basement

Pretty mirror

my second favorite bathroom in the house 

kind of blurry 

looking up the stairs from basement

future office area

cat room - where the cat toilet goes :)


more speakers :)

Happy building!


  1. Everything looks really good!!

    You have the Florence cottage elevation, right? I think you are missing the stone portion of your pillar. We did the Venice cottage and I was so upset that ours doesn't come with the stone at the bottom. The Florence and Milan do though!

    1. We actually did not get the cottage elevation.... we just upgraded the garage door :)

  2. Melissa, your house is looking vey nice!! I love the exterior colors and the absolute black on the white fireplace. They look so pretty together.

  3. Melissa, WOW you home is gorgeous, your fireplace is exactly mine, do you know is it slate or granite? I thought it was slate but to me seems like granite?

    And your bathroom too, exactly like mine..........this is wisteria lane......LOL

    1. Thank you! We upgraded to absolute black granit. Origionally we picked out slate but decided to splurge for what we really wanted lol

    2. Cool I thought they put the wrong stuff in but I wasnt sure....and I didn't wanna draw attention to it. We went back on forth with slate and granite and i guess something got lost in translation....

      I used my dishwasher last nite and its, so i cant use it, i text my PM i wonder if they work today?

      Oh crap Bachelor is on tonite I hafta figure out how to DVR in FIOS..LOL

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