Thursday, December 13, 2012

So Much little time to blog about it!

So with finals this week and last week Jason and I have been completley booked. So I finished up my finals on Tuesday (7 tests and three papers in all ugh...) and last night I decided to do some catching up on laundry and organizing to get ready for the big move. Sorry no pictures today...I promise I will get them to you this weekened. But here is what has happend in our world. So I think we left off with a roof. Since that the porch has been poored and the garage door installed. There have been a few minor mistakes (i.e. dryer vent in the wrong spot, a few broken windows ect.) but PM knew about them and we did not even have to open our mouths before he pointed it out. One incendent that I found really funny was when they were lifting the bathtubs into the house before they put the roof on, one of the contractors slamed one into the dumpster on our lot and broke it. Needless to say we got a new one. Last Friday we walked through the house with our PM for the first time. I was in serious shock! Our firplace has been delivered and is partially installed (as in its in the hole and hooked up to something lol). Last Saturday we had a walk through with our Guardian rep and he marked out where everything is going (indoor/outdoor speakers, surround sound speakers, volume control, cable outlets ect.), This was also a fun experience. On Sunday we went to Columbus to visit with my dad and we drove by to get a few pics for him before we left. We were surprised that when we got there the roofers were putting on the shingles! Once again shocked that they were working on a Sunday! And of course Jason and I would never dare dream of going in the house say around 10:00pm on a Tuesday night with a flashlight...But if we did...we would have seen that they put up the last wall in the basement so we are 100% frammed, most of the electrical and plumbing was installed, and bathtubs where in the right place. I drove by afterwork and it looks like they were working on more plumbing and electrical. Oh and when I saw how little our under the stair closet was...I asked if he could knock down that wall and move it back so I could have more space...He agreed which is awesome! I am so excited to have a big harry potter closet!

One thing I have been kind of frustrated about during this WHOLE process is the lack of communication. I am trying to be understanding becuase I UNDERSTAND that my PM has like 10 houses he is building right now all in different phases. I am a little heartbroken to say that I think he has only reached out to us once since this process begain (On November 7th which is five weeks ago). All the other communication with him has been initiated on our end. At our pre-con meeting...he told us that our predrywall meeting would be on December 12th. Now I understand things come up and get delayed but I expect to hear about the delay. When we walked through last Friday he told us that our predrywall meeting would be December 13th or 14th. Well today is the 13th and I have not heard I assume it will not be today. I know he told us to plan for one of those days but it is hard for us to tell our bosses "Oh hey I may have to take a 2 or 3 hour lunch sometime next week"....If I was my boss I would be thinking "you expect me to remember that? with all the stuff I have going on....Yeah right!". So it is a little frustrating to not have a solid time and date...But I guess once we are done we are done and we don't have to worry about it any more.

So hears to happy building and good grades on Finals! Hope everyone that is in school did well :)

Melissa Luckoski


  1. Your PM is supposed to be in weekly contact with you. Ours called every Friday to give the weekly update, and throughout the week for anything else as necessary. Don't let yourself be pushed aside just because he has 10 houses. Yours is one of them! And keeping in communication with you is part of HIS JOB!

  2. I'd estimate that 90% of our communication with the PM is initiated by us. At our pre-construction meeting I asked the PM how often he'd be in contact with us for updates and he said it wasn't going to be on a set schedule. If something big is going on he will call us, but for the most part we call him if we have questions or concerns or if we just want an update. A lot of the time we run into him in person at one of the houses in the community to catch up with him too.

    If you are unhappy with the communication between you and the PM it sounds like you need to have a chat with your PM! Let him know that you can't just take off at the drop of a hat... you need to schedule the meetings in advance and know that the meeting won't be delayed repeatedly, especially without notice.

    Good luck!