Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Do you ever wish...

...That people would realize there is a time to be serious and a time to play? Rant warning... Well let me back up a little bit and we will get to that in a second. First of all we finally (and I say that in a "thank you God" voice) got a response to our predrywall meeting question. So to recap...We were told at our preconstruction meeting the predrywall meeting would be 5 weeks from the day they started digging...Which happened to be last Wednesday (December the 12th). Well the week before that we had a mini walk through with our PM since we had not been clued in to the building process (due to lack of communication on our PM's part). He told us on that day (December the 7th) that our predrywall meeting would be December 13th or 14th (the following Thursday or Friday). He casually said "I will be in touch and we will set up a time". Jason and I excepted that answer and waited...and waited some more. Wednesday came we had not heard from him so Jason emailed. It is not easy for us to take off work at a whim and we are supposed to have at least 24 hours notice to our supervisors. When we did not hear back from him at all on that Wednesday or Thursday...Friday started to look glum as well. Finally Friday morning my husband texted him and our PM imminently responded that we should have our predrwyall meeting Monday December the 17th as there would be more to see. DING DING DING! I guess we know the quickest way to get a hold of him (via text). Jason and I were disappointed that we would have to wait longer but we agreed and were fine with this plan.

So now is the time I interject. Jason and I are very flexible very understanding people. That being said I have this pit of the stomach feeling that we are being taken advantage of. The communication from our PM sucks (which I feel guilty about complaining about later as when he responds we feel like it is Christmas morning). This bad feeling was made official at our Predrywall meeting on Monday. Everything was going very well. I have two pieces of news I will share in a minute. But then we got to the end when it was time to discuss questions, timelines and most importantly the settlement date (so we could lock our rate). Seeing as how there was no insulation, I did not expect drywall to start right away. So I asked when do you expect to start drywall. My answer was that they would have a building inspector on Tuesday or Wednesday. Once that was approved an insulation inspector and an energy star certified inspector would come on Wednesday or Thursday and they expect to start drywall on Thursday or Friday. Drywall will take a week and then floors and cabinets would be installed. I was fairly satisfied with this answer and this led me to my next thought...what about the exterior timeline. So I asked when they would start the exterior siding and stone. This is where I got upset. I was given the answer "When we get to it". No joke no lie, those are the exact words used. We felt in the past were able to have a joking almost friendship with our PM but I feel that has actually hurt us. See title. I feel that our PM is so much of a jokester...that it is hard to tell when he is being serious and when he is joking. There is a time and a place for it and I feel that that moment and that time..was not it. He must have registered surprise on my face because he supplemented with more info saying its not a big deal because each one takes two days which is four days tops. But the damage was already done. That feeling in my stomach quickly turned to cement and I am now sure we are being blown off.

As a new home buyer and first time homeowner...I have no clue how fast/slow processes should be. The estimated dates is something to give me to look forward to and gives me a little bit of an appreciation for the time for each step that goes into the building process. I feel that I deserve to know when the stone/siding is expected to be delivered. So after that I was quick to give my husband the "stop chit chatting I am ready to get out of here so I can bitch about it look" when my husband remembered to ask about the closing date. Which we were told we would get the confirmation on the day of the predrywall meeting. Well.. This is what we were told "I will send you an email this afternoon or tomorrow morning giving you the exact final walk through and settlement dates".  At that point I was to pissed to argue. So while we were not happy with that answer we took it with a grain of salt. So last night passed without an email and so did this morning. Needless to say it ended with another text from my husband (may I point out we initiated contact once again?) asking for the date. The disappointing but not upsetting news that our closing date is going to be February 1st when it was original estimated to be January 25th.

So the other news I talked about in the middle of the rant? Well our central vac outlets were placed right under our flat panel set ups. So in layman's terms...They would be behind our entertainment center in  both the living room and basement. Does not make since to add cable outlets and electrical outlets in the middle of the wall for a television center and then put the outlets right in the way so you can not put a television stand. Like always our PM was in agreement that this needed to be fixed. Also my harry potter closet has been enlarged (yay!) and it is much bigger. The other good exciting news is that the wrong shingles were delivered and installed by the roofing company. So we got free dimensional shingles which apparently cost a lot of money and last longer. Jason and I were under the impression we were supposed to get these in the first place, but apparently not. Our house and the one across the street are different from the rest of the neighborhood.

Well my rant is over. Jason is mad Because I have yet to post any pictures Lately. Yes I am out of school but have enjoying my relaxation. I promise I will get around to it...eventually.

As always...Happy Building!


  1. Yuck, yuck, and yuck! I am so sorry your PM is being so lax. I really think they forget that these houses are special to us, even if it's just a job to them. But good catch on the central vac! Imagine not realizing until all the drywall was up.
    I hope things get smoother for you in the next few weeks.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. I'm sorry you are having such a tough time with your PM. Remember if communication doesn't improve and you continue to stay this frustrated... everybody has a boss. Sometimes it takes going above someone's head for them to realize you aren't playing around.

    And I agree with Jason.. pictures, pictures, pictures!!! =)

  3. Doesn't it feel great to rant?? I enjoyed my first rant last night :) Although, now I read it and I sounded ridiculous, but I felt better when I was done and hit "post"

    Ok... seriously - I can not believe your PM is acting that way! I would be on him like flies on you-know-what. Maybe that's just my personality, I'm forward, I say what I want, and for some reason I'm lacking my internal filter. Hubby on the other hand is very laid back, and doesn't say much.

    Hopefully things get better - I will say our drywall is all hung as of today and my siding was in the garage for installation tomorrow... maybe yours will be the same way. Keep your head up, it will work out. We had our pre-drywall last Friday, and we are only closing 2 days ahead of you, so you are right on track with us, but I think you probably should have had your pre-drywall before ours.

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