Saturday, December 29, 2012

A quick update

I have pictures I just have not uploaded them...I know I am a horrible horrible blogger. But with the holidays and work I have been so exhausted. I have also been organizing and packing everything up a little at a time to make the move as painless as possible. So far I have 9 totes of stuff packed up. Jason and I prefer the tots to boxes as they can handle more weight and are reusable for storage (and future moving) purposes. Granted we do not plan on moving again for a long long time...but we still had some totes left over from our previous move 2 1/2 years ago.

I just wanted to give you guys a little update and if Jason wants to complain about the pictures...i would advise him to wait until tomorrow or do them himself. After all....procrastinators unite...Tomorrow.

Anyway here is where we are at in the building process. The drywall has been hung, taped and muded. Ceiling has been completed and most of the ext siding is done. I am happy to say that it finally looks like we are ahead of the house across the street who signed way after us, but has been leading us through this whole process. We have also received a delivery of goodies that are sitting in our garage. From the looks of things it includes interior doors, sinks and cabinets. We had a bit of a scare with the siding color as it has been really dark out lately and the color looks almost brown. The siding we have is Spanish olive...not supposed to look brown. But I think once the stone is one and the electric is hooked up and we have a little bit of lighting it will look like the right color.

In other news...we received a very very generous Christmas gift from Jason's family (in the form of cash) and we also received some very generous gift my dad, in the form of a collectors knife for jason, a braclet for me and Magic Mike on blueray that I was waiting to buy until after we bout the house (on a side note, I am so proud that he was able to hold his head high and ask the store associate at best buy where in the store he could locate the movie. When the store associate looked at him funny and my dad said "its for my daughter" he continued to keep his head held high as the store associate stared at him like he was crazy for buying his daughter a film about hot male strippers). My dad also paid for half of our refrigerator. Yes folks we have amazing family! We met my dad today to pick it out. We purchased a Samsung and it was only around $1400 before shipping, warranty and taxes. It was one sale and we also got 5% off as dad put it on his credit card (0% interest for 2 years). So between Jason's parents generous cash gift and my dad we were able to purchase our refrigerator. Jason also received pretty nice  bonus from work so we were able to order the Cat Genie (cat toilet), as well as buy some new cook ware for our future kitchen. I will post pictures tomorrow. I am getting really excited. The only thing we have left to buy that is a priority is blinds and ceiling fans! its a good feeling to have all of your closing costs and most of the things you placed as priories purchased. Thank god for families! Can't wait to get the go ahead on our credit so we can start furniture shopping!

Jason and I also purchased a late Christmas early birthday present for himself today. He purchased his first gun. He has shot them before but never owned one and has been begging me for one and I was completely against it. However, I feel that it is unfair of me to tell him he can't have a gun when it is one of his hobbies. He constantly has to borrow his brothers gun any time he wants to go shooting. I also see the little sad puppy eyes every time his brother purchases (or even talks about purchasing) a new gun. I have hobbies and he never tells me that I can't buy something to satisfy those hobbies. Am I afraid of guns...Yes. That being said the more I am around them, the more I will become familiar with them and the more comfortable I will feel. Growing up my dad always had guns but I did not know about them until I was older. He kept them in a gun safe and hid them. He only showed them to me after I had passed the age of adolescence in which he felt he could trust me. Now both my dad and my husband think it is a good idea for me to take lessons and learn. I am not against this one hundred percent. I am just really nervous around them and I feel I can not safely handle a gun until I get over that fear. That being said I think that people can responsibly own guns and as long as Jason takes the safety precautions I desire, I feel that this new hobbie and I will get along just fine. Who knows...maybe one day I will own more guns than Jason.

On a side note this blizard thing has kind of sucked. Travel has been terrible and cold....

Happy Building!


  1. I'm glad things are progressing nicely on the house. Can't wait to see pictures!

    I think it is awesome that you didn't stand in Jason's way of buying a gun even though you are afraid of them. I used to be afraid of guns too when I was younger (I think that mainly came from never being around them)... and now I am a proud gun owner! My boyfriend and I went to a shooting range several years ago to take a "Handguns for Beginners" course to familiarize ourselves with guns... and we had a blast during the shooting portion of the class... and a hobby was born for both of us. Now we both have several different types of guns, several different calibers, etc. I totally recommend taking a beginner's course, even if you never intend for shooting to become a hobby, because you never know when you will be forced to defend yourself. It's very empowering for me to know that if I ever needed to protect myself at home... I could! I just wish our state made it easier to protect ourselves outside of our homes too! And a word of advice... if you are afraid of guns, please don't let a .40 or .45 be your first experience shooting because you might not ever pick up another gun again. Start with something small like a .22 to see how you like it, then move up as you get more comfortable. I've seen a lot of women get totally turned off from shooting because they were given a large caliber gun that they were not properly prepared for as their first gun to shoot.

  2. Hi Melissa, happy to read your update! You are right and blessed to have such a generous family which obviously shifted on to you to allow your hubby to experience his joy the way it works for him. My husband rides a Harley but started at a later age (man on pause) and I did not get in his way and now he wants to stop riding and bought himself a 2004 two seated Thunderbird (man on pause again). Lol If I had tried to stop him he wouldn't have figured out he was just going through a phase--bless his pointed head. Lol anyway, I can't wait to see pictures of everything!

  3. Thanks for the update! Glad everything is going well for you. Can't wait to see pictures of your Florence!

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