Thursday, November 29, 2012

We got wood!

I have not been blogging for a few days as I was way to anxious. I was not seeing much progress and I knew that I would have said things I regretted as they are not true. Isn't in funny how crazy building a house can make you feel? So today I feel much much much better! It seemed that nothing had been done since last Tuesday (before Thanksgiving) and we had not heard from our PM. By Wednesday (Yesterday) we had not heard anything from our PM since the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. At that time he told us that the floors were going to be pored and they would start framing Wednesday (Yesterday). So I sent him an email yesterday morning just asking for an update and he emailed me back today. He said they were poring our floors today and starting framing tomorrow! So I convinced Hubby to go out in the cold and drive with me to the site. I was so glad we did! When we arrived we immediately saw two large stacks of wood. They also delivered our Bathtubs and our steal beams! When we walked up further we saw the concrete had been pored in the basement and garage. Hopefully they start framing tomorrow! For now enjoy the photos below :)

Happy Building!


  1. We are pretty much at the same stage in our builds!! It's getting really exciting isn't it?? I look forward to seeing more of your progress!!

    I found out that a lot of the guys that were supposed to work on our house this week were hunting all week! Men, hahaha gotta love it!

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    1. Wooden ya know!! Congrats on consistent progress!

  3. Yay!! Make sure you stop by often while they are framing or you will miss the chance to get pictures at different stages of framing. It goes really fast!