Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lots O Progress!

 I am so thankful that I do not have to work overtime this week due to the Holidays and I can actually get to the house before dark! I am really impressed with the amount of progress that has happened in the last 48 hours! Not only have they layed the plumbing, filled in the gravel for the garage and installed water proofing: They even back filled the right side of the lot! I could actually walk around without the fear of plumbing 8 feet into a hole! I even could walk into the garage because they layerd it with gravel! I was so excited and impressed today! It really made my day! I am glad to know that when my dad Drives down from Columbus on Thursday to see it, he will have more to look at then concrete walls and dirt lol. In other exciting news... One of the other houses that was dug with ours got their lumber! We are next : D

Now for the fun part...Beautiful Pictures!

Plumbing four our half Bath in the basement :)

Plumbing for water softner and not sure what else. Jason think it is for the extra washer hookup (we got this for the cat toilet) But it looks a little close the the sump pump. we are building a wall to section off the sump pump/water heater/Hvac From the rest of the room.  (see my favorite thing so far in the lower right hand corner? lol)

Random picture of more pipes lol

I could actually walk into my garage! I was so excited! 

They even put up water proofing! They did such a good job :)

They back filled the right side of the lot so I could walk right up to the edge. I can't wait until they backfill the back of the lot because I have yet to go back there lol.

Keep on blogging! I have been keeping up with your blogs on a daily  basis, so even though I do not post every day I do read everyday! Happy building     :o)



  1. You'll be framing before you know it!

  2. Okay, Mrs. Luckoski!! You are definitely in the GAME! So nice to see you smiling on the blogs!