Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lots O pictures

I finally got to see the house in the daytime on Saturday! It was so cool! We took a ton  of pictures! I had not had a chance to post them so I will once again be doing two posts today  because I have some even better photos from today! We got to meet our neighbors on Saturday as well. They were in the process of moving in. I was so excited but nervous. The only neighbors I have had before have been in an apartment and we all tend to not like each other for making too much noise lol. I find the further along in the process I go the less words I have to say because I am so excited to show you guys some pictures! So here goes...Enjoy!

Morning room in the back...garage in the front 

Picture of our porch...I know it is small but I will love it anyway because it is the first and only porch I have ever owned :)

I can't wait to watch the sunset every night :)

You can't tell but there is a 8-9  foot drop on either side of the concrete and jason just jumped right into the garage lol. I was looking at our neighbors house and then I turned around and he was in the garage. 

I am glad he did though because he got some really good pictures in there :) The slots are for the steel beams (my dads most excited about the steel beams. He keeps saying "let me know when those big ole' beams go in!)

Little square is going to be our one and only window. This will also be the exercise/cat area :)

Kitchen area!

My sump pump....So excited that I will not have water in the basement (hopefully...knock on wood)

Nice picture of the living room/bathroom/family room area :)