Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 3 - Little changes...

I Drove by on my way to Columbus today for a funeral and saw a guy unraveling this....

Then Jason went by on his way home from work and saw this :)

Looks like they just took out the wood beams and added the pipe thingy. Hopefully we have forms by next week :)

Oh and our PM said he would be in touch with us every Friday after they started...well we did not get a call text or email today. Is it normal to not hear from your PM when they say they will call? I know there is not a lot going on right now but I do have a question about the cement block in the middle that I wanted to ask him. And I was also hoping to hear a time line for the upcoming week. I know he is a busy guy and don't want to bug him...just was wondering what was going on. Have you experienced this??


  1. Our PM stressed the need for open communication at our pre-construction meeting. He said if we had questions or concerns we should call him or even if we just want an update we should call. He made it sound like we shouldn't just wait around for a call if we wanted to know something. Maybe give you PM a call and see how it goes?

  2. Our PM was clear that he was available from 7-4:00 pm. However, he rarely has to call me to give me a weekly update because I am there daily and if I have any questions I visit him on site and if necessary, I call him. The cement block is for the support steel beams. They hold up the house (they are on each floor).

  3. Our PM isnt giving weekly updates, I just call him, I am not sure if I never gave him the opportunity to call me weekly, he has called out of the blue a few times and surprised me......but if I call him he always calls back and I never feel as if I'm bothering him...

    If you have a question please call him.

    Nadase, we are at our site daily too and never see our PM....hhmm?

    There is another plan a few miles away and I think that is where he is often.

    1. We are at our site daily and see our PM almost every day. He's usually sitting in his truck making phone calls. Wonder where yours has been hiding?