Monday, October 1, 2012

Unorganized and Causing Frustration

My Ryan homes community is so unorganized and it is frustrating. Even though everyone we have met and talked to that works for Ryan seems nice and understanding, their lack of organization is frustrating me to no end! First off we really did not care for our SR to much. While she was a nice person to talk to and understanding, there were times when we felt like we were being ignored, in her way and I am pretty sure that we irritated the crap out of her. That being said we were not to sad when we found out last Friday that she had up and quit. However, it seems that her leaving has caused great confuseion at that Model. To start with, I mentioned before that they have sold out of all of their home sites, so I am pretty sure they don't want to put a permanent Sales rep back in that model just to pick up and leave in a few months.

We went on Friday to speak with them because we got our loan approval (hence how we found out our SR quit), and was told by the person staffing the Model that they could not help us and that the new SR is on vacation and would be back on Sunday. I even made sure to ask if she was just going to be back in town on Sunday or at the Model on Sunday and the lady told me she would be at the Model on Sunday. So Sunday I got up bright and early so that I could get all my errands done and go to the model when it opened. Got there and another non-sales rep was in the Model who also could not help us and said to come back on Monday.

SOOOO Flash forward 24 hours and I leave to go to the model on my lunch break. The model was supposed to open at 12 and I get there at 12:00 and no one is there. So I drive around a bit, get a bite to eat and go back around 12:30 and still no one. So I go back to work and pick up my phone and call over and no one is answering. I am so irritated right now. I would not be this irritated if our last SR didn't do the same thing. She would not be there when the model was supposed to be open. Then if we were there late she would push us out the door stating that she had "Birthday party to get to" and "an hour drive home".

Did I mention that my husband and I both work full time? I work 7:30 - 4:30pm and he works 8:00-6:00PM. We are both in school Granted all my classes are online, but he goes to class Monday - Thursday until 9 or 10pm....therefore it is important to us that we can reach a sales rep during important times such as on lunch breaks or weekends. I really wonder if Ryan knows whats going on in the Greens of Bunnell Hill....

So since my SR's are not holding up to their job standards, maybe you guys can help me. The first question I have is how long did it take to schedule you're pre-construction meeting after you got your approvals? The next question is not so easy. We went ahead and added the Refrigerator in our package...but after looking at the models Ryan offers, I really don't like any of them. So I wanted to go ahead and cancel this item but we are already passed our 30 days. Will they let me do this? I will even pay the charge if I have to...even though I don't want to. I would rather pay $250 to cancel that then to pay $2300 for a refrigerator that I don't want.

Any support you guys could give would fabulous seeing as how I feel alone and helpless :(



  1. Melissa, I am so very sorry you are going through this. I am lucky and love my SR we have a really good relationship, I even have her personal cell and I called her while she was on vaca with a melt down.....What is happening is BS and you are getting caught in the middle, call the Ryan general number and ask what the heck is going on and demand to set up an appt.....immediately...Im good at rattling a cage when I know I am RIGHT!! Be aggressive, you have been disregarded, I understand things happen in a company but its time to reach out to the people and reps above your community..

    As far as the fridge, I havent done any changes outside of my 3o it really $250 charge.....WOW..holy cow.

    But if you feel strongly just do it, that fee is there so you can make the change, I cant image them not granting it,its not like you are saying take out my Morning Room....I think you should be fine...

    Keep us update,

    We are also on the same timeline, please follow me so we can help each other along the way...

    Oh, about our preconstruction, your community has a schedule for your ground breaking day, ask when that is and your meeting should be around a week from that....and there is a schedule,,somebody knows :)

    Hang in and be tough

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I will let you know how it goes :)

  2. Melissa, once our paperwork was completed, meaning any change orders submitted and signed by the VP, we were placed on the schedule. Every Thursday, RH has a meeting to determine whose LOT will be released for breaking ground. The following Tuesday, the PM gets a starter package for the home owners at which time he schedules the pre construction meeting. Typically, they will schedule this meeting a week before the breaking ground. There have been cases where PMs have had the pre construction prior to the week of breaking ground; but this heavily depends on his building load. I would suggest that you connect with your PM since he is the person you will be dealing directly with as you move forward with your build. As you already know, there is a fee for the change order after the deadline has passed; but this request is submitted through your SR. In your case, I would still connect with the PM and ask who is the point of contact for the change order because ultimately they are the ones approving the request once they receive it from your SR who isn't present.

  3. I can't help you with the SR problem, but that sucks! What I can say is, we had submitted a non-standard request to have our basement open from the back of the morning room rather than the side...but after actually going to a model that had a basement, hated it and wanted it back to standard. We had already had our pre-construction meeting, but since it was "deleting" a request and it wasn't structurally a big deal per our PM, they went ahead with it. You might be out of luck if they've already ordered all the supplies, but in light of all the SR problems I would really push for them to grant you this without charging you. A fridge should not be a hard item to cancel!