Monday, October 8, 2012

Still no preconstruction meeting

So I know they said it would be 3 weeks (1 week ago) before they got the blueprints and permits...but I wish they would schedule our pre-construction meeting so that when they do get all of it back they can start... I feel like this past week I have been calmer and more patient, But as more and more of you near breaking ground...even those of you who signed contractors at or after I did...I am getting more and more anxious. And before you say it, I know it varies by community...just a little down lately and this would be a good pick me up. Oh well...I guess I just have to keep playing the waiting game...



  1. I am with you on wanting something to happen! Some of the excitement about building our house has died down with all of this waiting and I'm ready for something to happen so I can get a little bit of that back.

    1. I know right? I almost forgot about it a few times and that makes me sad because this is the biggest thing going on in my life right now....I need a distraction from School and work lol :)

  2. Melissa, Melissa, Melissa!!! I said that every week to my husband and the SR! I tried everything to get our SR to commit to dates and even if she considered doing so we kept getting pushed back for various reasons. It was overwhelming, frustrating, stressful and just out right exhausting but I had to pull on my strength from another source because being alone in my head without adult supervision was costing me more than I cared to endure. So I focused on Gratitude! Gratitude to be in the game! Gratitude that RH was willing to work with us. Gratitude that my husband and I were able to able to build our dream home now and not later. Gratitude that customizations were being approved. Gratitude that I found this blog to keep me sane. Gratitude for God making a way out of no way. Gratitude for having to wait because it allowed us the opportunity to make changes to our selections and for me to mull over the interior design for our home. AND the list goes on.......

    With that said, here is my timeline:
    9/22/2011 Sat down with SR to determine if we qualified--we were not ready and were told to come back in January 2012

    1/30/2012 Put hold deposit down on Lot #28
    2/9/2012 Complete Purchase Agreement
    2/13/2012 Completed Loan Application
    7/3/2012 Loan Approved
    9/26/2012 Pre construction meeting
    10/4/2012 Break Ground - YES!!
    1/15/2013 Settlement

    1. oh Geesh...I would not have been able to wait that long! My husband and I have been wanting to buy a house for about 2 years but we had credit problems so we worked really hard to get them cleared up so that we would get approved before even looking. I guess I kind of expected it to just be a little quicker....I am trying to stay calm. This blog is the only thing that seems to do the trick :)

  3. Oh Melissa I really do understand, waiting is so hard. And everyday seems so long without a phone call or an email...

    I still am waiting, sure they dug our hole but hit Coal so now when I should have footers I wont till end of this week, so we see Nadase burning the trails and we are at standstills......(Nadase you paid your dues girl) and its exciting but........urgghh the Waiting!!

    I keep telling myself that this time will go by so fast and soon our homes will be done and we will be looking into our next project to hold onto......

    Try to shop online, imagine your rooms, go visit the homes being built in your community, take your family members to see homes being built in your community, we take food to our SR all the time, I did anything I could to stay in contact and feel a part of the process......hmmmm, that sound stalkerish.....but NOT! Me and my SR have a good relationship and that took time....all those things really helped me...and still does :)

    Do you have your model currently being built in your community...we went in everyone that was being built...and imagined ourselves in the spaces and got ideas......

    Hang in there, life goes so fast, don't rush so much :) (easier said than done, but so true)

    so with that ill also say this

    WAITING SUCKS...I feel your pain...

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the waiting. it does indeed get worse at times and be compounded by other unnecessary frustrations.

    An insight to more waiting - If you are building into the winter and if you are in Pa/Oh there is a shortage of Framers. I've watched the wood sit on the lot next to me for 4 weeks now because they can't find a framer. There are 3 more lots waiting for framing as well.
    The young couple is frustrated and there timeline hasn't been altered yet, however I would ask your PM about this..

    Definitely occupy your time with color considerations, furniture, shopping ideas, projects and such.. it makes it bearable!