Monday, October 22, 2012


So remember how I said in my last post it seems like every time I bitch about something on my blog it gets done? I.e. NVR? Well here is another to add to the list!!! Got to work this mornging to find an email from my SR that said that she will find out today which specific day but she said the preconstruction will be scheduled for this Thursday or Friday from 11-2pm!!!! I am so excited! I am going to have to drive by the site every day until it starts snowing! Hope its beautiful weather this week so they progress on my neighbors houses!



  1. I have wondered about that too. Do they pay people to comb the internet looking for these blogs? Personally, I don't like it because I have some things I want to say (good things) but I don't want to get my PM in allowing some non-standard things slide. It's a fine line.....

  2. Girl you are too cute! Congratulations, Melissa! I am so happy you have a date!! Let the Building BEGIN!! Have absolute FUN at your meeting and be sure mention all your customs/selections/upgrades which I am sure your PM will do but you know them best!

    1. PS.
      Don't forget to remove the towel bar and soap dish out of you master bedroom shower and guest bathroom only if you have the upgraded ceramic surround. If you have the standard 6*6 ceramic tile in all the baths that it's okay because the materials match.

      And if you have not already done so, you could always add an electrical outlet to your gourmet island on the opposite side of your choice because it only comes with one outlet.

      AND don't forget....clearly I am getting excited for ask for blocking on those walls that you know you plan to hang heavy items like the television, mirrors, pictures etc etc

  3. I know that e-mail probably made your day!

    I have had similar results... I bitched about our approval taking forever and we got the call the next day. It's kind of weird, but I'll take it!

    If your meeting is on Thursday or Friday that'll only put you a couple of days behind me since our meeting is on Tuesday! =)