Friday, October 5, 2012

Meanwhile back at the ranch....

So we are now playing the waiting game and I am not a good waiter but I took some advice and started to look at/think about other things that will get my mind off of the waiting. So this post is for that.

First of all I did some budgeting and calculating and it looks like we are going to have just enough to close and furnish our hose in February. So with that being due I politely tell my family and friends that I don't want anything from them for Christmas because I can't afford to get them anything? I don't want to be rude but I normally am the one in the family that goes all out because I like spending money to get things for other people. This year I just can't let that trying to thing of a way I explain this to my family and friends with out making them mad.

Second...I figured out (by looking at the blogs) the two things I am going to be disappointed with when the house is done. First off we added two recessed lights above the fireplace...I wanted the spotlight effect. Then a week after it was to late to change anything I was explaining to our old sale's rep how excited I was about the mantel and she was liked "Oh you chose recessed lights not eye ball lights so you may not get the effect you want"....Really!?! I explained this to you last week when I added the lights and you couldn't have said anything then? So maybe it is my fault but I am still sad about it. I have a friend that is building in a different community and she said that we may be able to just switch them out.... Is that possible? Oh well not that big of a deal...Guess its just my OCD kicking in.

The second thing I will be disappointed with is the master bathroom. When original SR asked if i wanted "porcelain or fiberglass" I asked what the difference is. She said well Porcelain is harder to clean. I said oh well I don't want that. And when we went to right rug because I was not getting a porcelain tub and vinyl for the bathrooms...they did not ask me about tile options for the bathroom. Now I am sad because I see how pretty the porcelain is and I wish I would have known the true difference so that I could make an educated decision. Too late now.

I have been looking through everyone's blogs and it has kept my spirits up to see everyone building! Can't wait to be able to post pictures of ours. another thing I can't wait for is school to be over! Hubby is 1 1/2 semesters away from graduating with his masters. UGH I still have 1 1/2 years until I graduate with my hard to think about school when all I want to do is dream about the house :)

Well that’s about all for now...To those of you building keep the pictures coming because I am stalking your pages :o)



  1. Our plan for Christmas is to scale back this year. I love Christmas... and I go way overboard when it comes to buying for others. Luckily, we don't have huge families so we will still be able to buy something for the people that we usually buy for, but we are not going all out like usual. And when asked what we want for Christmas we are requesting that anyone buying us a gift just give us a gift card to Lowe's or somewhere like Bed Bath and Beyond. We will need/want a lot of stuff for the new house so that seemed like the best solution for us.

  2. First, it should not be a problem using eyeball lights, explain to her that you misunderstood and you WANT those lights,it not a big better not be.....remember this is YOUR HOUSE, be stern an know what you want, was a misunderstanding its not like you are asking for a morning room.....

    We are kinda skipping xmas..........i really dont feel like explaining to NVR where all my money went........cause ive been warned they will!!

    So we are having this spending time with family theme and no presents really........

    If they are close friends and family they better understand, look at it this way, you arent buying either so dont buy for ME either, but I know family is a pain in the BUTT and some ppl figure, well if you can build a fancy house you can buy me a gift...YUP run into that too!!! Gotta love family sometimes....

    BTW, ask about the TILE you just never know, ...... dont know until you ask..........just ask Nadase....LOL

  3. @DW, you are my kinda of girl!! Thanks DW for putting that idea in the atmosphere! My mind is rolling now with the possibilities of what we can do. AND, AND, family you are so right can be over critical and judgmental and they are usually the people who show up without gifts for everyone. lol Okay, I told a lie, the only people I would love to get gifts for are my two beautiful granddaughters and DH for making this house possible for US.

    @Melissa, last year we spent lots of money for XMAS and guess what we got! Lmbo!
    So as for me at my house, and preparing for the new house--I have chosen to reel it in too! I love the idea of embracing Thanksgiving and Xmas with gratitude and appreciation for who we are to each other as opposed to what we can do for each other. Don't sweat it too much because the rules have changed drastically when it come to purchasing a home and that must be the priority. I am a gift giver and for the first time it feels okay to step back and create a building fund for the things we are going to need for our new homes. HOLLA!

    BTW--my OCD kicked in months ago--OCD ALERT! lol I will embrace a 12 step program after I am complete building and decorating my home which is going to take a minute so I am taking myself off the hook and loving this journey like its nobody's business. lol

    @M, I am feeling you on the gift cards!! If someone insists on obliging us with gifts this year--we will graciously accept and ask for the gift cards.

  4. Thank you guys for all of the kind words and support. I will definitely be taking you're advice. I think hubby and I will drive over tomorrow (after we call first to make sure they are there) and ask. The worst they can tell is no..and it is OUR house! I will have what I want...Uh oh, I think you guys restored my confidence. Look out world!

  5. ML - Sorry to hear about your frustrations. One can never be too informed.
    I was under the impression that you can still make changes up until the Pre-construction Meeting. It does require some paperwork, however I made a (kid you not) Crapton <== is this even a word?
    of changes and Ryan was fine with them. Either you have a lazy SR or they have made some crazy changes since I closed in June.

    Eye Ball lights are definitely the way to go however most PM's are good with facilitation a change.. you might need to buy the Eye ball light fixtures, but it makes no difference to an electrition.

    There will be plenty of other items that you will wonder about and be curious as to the "right choice" Honestly when I picked Spanish Olive for our siding, I thought hmm.. I hope this looks good, but now I love it and so does anyone else that sees it. we paired it with Buckeye

    Good Luck with Christmas. Best route is always honesty and communication. I find most folks are understanding of situations. If they aren't, they don't deserve you nor do they understand the meaning of the season.

    Best of Luck in waiting.