Thursday, October 25, 2012

In all Fairness

I have to make some comments regarding some of my previous posts. I have to say that a lot my frustration and anger came from my anxiety problems and not necessarily from Ryan Homes or NVR. Although I still think that our first Sales Rep was not the best (we all have off weeks I guess), So far I have enjoyed the communication I have had with my Loan Officer, Loan processor and New SR. I think the one thing I would have to say that would be helpful for customers in the future, is to give an estimated timeline of when the staking/digging will begin after the contract is signed, options picked out and loan approved. If I would have had an "estimated" date I probably would not have been such an annoying customer. Well then again knowing me...maybe not.

We got an email from our loan officer today with the updated pricing and estimated closing cost. I was happy to see that everything we added did not take it up as high as I thought. It was a little stressful thinking about that this past couple of weeks. I feel a lot better about the situation. The only things I said I wanted to buy right away was a refrigerator and blinds. Well my dad offered to buy our refrigerator for our Christmas gift this year so that was a HUGE load off. The refrigerator I want is really expensive though so I am trying to get him to split it with me because I don't want to cost him that much money.

I am looking forward to our preconstruction meeting tomorrow and I am hoping to finally have a time line. All of your blogs have been so helpful. I have figured out my list of questions and I am hoping to get some positive resutls. I would never be able to be a PM...I would get tired of asking the same questions over and over and over and over and over again.

Oh and I am pretty sure my neighbor that just moved into their new house this past week things I am stalking him. He lives at the back of the culdesac and I happned to follow him all the way from the highway through the city to the culdasac (about 4 or 5 miles) and then while he pulled into his driveway I looped around and left. Haha!

Well results to come tomorrow!

Happy building :)

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  1. I hope your pre-construction meeting goes well tomorrow and that you get a clear timeline on when things should be done.

    I really hope our neighbors were not home when we visited the lot earlier today. We wanted to stand in their driveway for a better view, but didn't want to chance upsetting them. Then my boyfriend remembered that the lot on the other side of them is empty... and that gave us a great view! After we had been back there for a while I realized we were worried about standing in their driveway yet we were practically in their backyard instead. Oops! =)