Monday, October 22, 2012


I AM JUMPING UP AND DOWN AGAIN! I feel like I did when I found out my loan was approved! We got an official date and time for our pre-construction meeting! Friday @ 12:00pm! This is perfect. I almost wont be able to concentrate on anything else the rest of this week. This whole thing is so sureal and I though that having the loan approved would make it real. Then the scheduling of the preconstruction... Now I dont know if it will every feel real lol. Probably not until I have to pay the first mortgage payment HA!

Well anyway I have been enjoying everyone's photos so much and can't wait until I get to share some of my own! Good luck to everyone who is building this week! I know I will be checking out everyone's blogs more now (dont know if that is possible!).



  1. Yay for definite news!

    I am still waiting for it to feel real too! That first mortgage payment will probably do the trick! =)

  2. Advise: REALLY look over your floor plan, add outlets in the garage and be 100% positive where you want your tv to go. Add light or ceiling fan rough ins now if you haven't already. Even think about exterior outlets and hose bib placement. Just be sure everything is where you want it. Most important: go with your gut!