Sunday, October 28, 2012


So at our preconstruction meeting the other day they mentioned that we would be closing on January 25th. In our contract it does state February 4th. We asked that it get pushed back to February because we are in an active lease and wanted to get as close to the end of it as possible. My husband and I discussed it further and if everything works out right (weather permitting/movers permitting) we would be willing to possible close on January 25th but we are not going to make the commitment until we know for sure. But Just for the sake of me being excited for closing...I decided to change my countdown to the 25th of January to bring us a little closer to the finish line.



  1. They didn't give us a date... just a range of Jan/Feb. =(

    1. I am sorry M! I know it is different in every community. I have a friend building in a different community who did not get a date either :/

  2. Congratulations on your new closing date, Melissa!! This is exciting and good news. I do know that the PM has the best gauge for when your home will be finished--start packing! lol smiley face

    We are in a lease too and must give a 60 day notice. Currently, we have been told January 15 and I am giving our rental office notice to vacate on Feb. 1. I want to use the two additional weeks to have furniture/appliances delivered, clear/clean current apartment/storages, paint the closets/garage in new home, install garage opener, install closet systems, etc etc etc .........
    I want a fun-filled, stressless move which is why we are using a moving company too.

  3. Congrats! We received a date (Dec. 20), but we were told that it's a tentative date. We're building a Florence too! We're at the framing stage right now. I'm excited to watch your progress!