Thursday, October 18, 2012

21 days....

So it seems like the only time anything gets done is when I bitch about it on my here goes. I have been trying to paitently wait for any kind of communitcation from Ryan homes for 21 days. It has been 21 days since I have heard that my loan was approved. I have not received anything from Ryan since them. Any communication that has happend was becuase I initiated it. Then there have been vauge answers given back. When I asked for an estiamte date of when our pre-construction would be I got "We can not schedule the pre construction until we have everything in order. I will be in touch ASAP"....Well that was two weeks ago.

I don't expect Rome (or in this case Florence) to be built in a day. I do however expect that Ryan homes initiate the contact that we have and I expect them to have updates on the progress on a weekly-bi weekly basis. Permits are issued imidiatly the day of the inspection in my town. So obviously the hold up is the blueprints. Why is there a hold up with blueprints? Don't they already have them drawn out? Besides its not like there is a housing boom right now... although it is picking up the mortgage business is still slow relative to where it was a couple years ago. Trust me...I would know. I work for a large mortgage company.

I just want a simple answer. When can we EXPECT (not know for sure) to hear back about the pre-construction meeting. Be specific...I don't want to hear "three or four weeks". I want to hear "The week of the 29th of October".

On another note the community is developing well. Drove by yesterday. There are 2 houses that have foundations waiting for frames. One house that was half framed. One lot that was staked. And four lots (including ours) that is sitting empty. The lot that is staked and the lot next to it (one street over) are the only two lots in front of ours. Hopefully they stake the other lot and start digging next week and then we will be on deck. There are two lots across from us that sold about two weeks ago so they will be after us.

Just ready to see some progress....It seems like last week there was so much progress on all of your homes and that kept me busy. But this week it has slowed down and now I am bored. :(


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  1. They are not always great with the communication!! I hope you hear something soon.