Sunday, October 28, 2012


So at our preconstruction meeting the other day they mentioned that we would be closing on January 25th. In our contract it does state February 4th. We asked that it get pushed back to February because we are in an active lease and wanted to get as close to the end of it as possible. My husband and I discussed it further and if everything works out right (weather permitting/movers permitting) we would be willing to possible close on January 25th but we are not going to make the commitment until we know for sure. But Just for the sake of me being excited for closing...I decided to change my countdown to the 25th of January to bring us a little closer to the finish line.


Friday, October 26, 2012

The Luckoski Vampires have been staked!

Okay so maybe it is a little corny to talk about vampires being "staked" but hey its the Halloween spirit. So our pre construction meeting went really really really well! I feel so much better and calmer. The are scheduled to start digging November 7 8 or 9th. They are digging three at the same time and he is not sure who is going first. We went over all of my questions and I feel confident that this is going to be a smooth process. I did not drive by the lot before the meeting as I had just went by the other day and no changes. So when he said he wanted to walk the lot with us afterwards I was really thinking "is this necessary because it is poring rain". So at the end of the meeting (which only took 2 hours by the way), he said I will meet you at the lot, I was like what? I am hungry why do we have to go? But we went anyway and I am  glad we did.

I finally have pictures to share with you guys!!!! This is not a big deal to those of you who have been building as you share pictures on a daily basis. But i really have been feeling like a looser lately because I have been mooching off of your guy's photos. SOOOOO ARE YOU READY??? THIS IS THE FIRST STRING OF PICTURES FOR OUR NEW HOME! HERE GOES....

Here is the full lot. It goes from the little green flag on the left to the little green flag on the right (hard to see I know but you get the picture). Oh and that is my goofy Husband in the Middle lol.

This is where our morning room and our kitchen will be backing up to. We have a reversed plan and are set back father. so we have a really long driveway...which means little backyard space. But we will have a rather large side yard and front yard. 

This I belive is the picture of the garage morning room and kitchen. I think the steaks in the middle are the front door?

another view of the garage morning room and kitchen

this is the living room and the family room :)

Picture of the very edge of the living room. All the way over to the little green flag on the very left is the corner of our lot :)

Not sure if the big trees are ours or not...I asked and he said he will find out. He is going to cut down all of the big branches and remove anything that is bigger than 2 inches round. Looking forward to seeing your pics! And in case I do not post until the dig date in November Good luck to those closing and building and Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

In all Fairness

I have to make some comments regarding some of my previous posts. I have to say that a lot my frustration and anger came from my anxiety problems and not necessarily from Ryan Homes or NVR. Although I still think that our first Sales Rep was not the best (we all have off weeks I guess), So far I have enjoyed the communication I have had with my Loan Officer, Loan processor and New SR. I think the one thing I would have to say that would be helpful for customers in the future, is to give an estimated timeline of when the staking/digging will begin after the contract is signed, options picked out and loan approved. If I would have had an "estimated" date I probably would not have been such an annoying customer. Well then again knowing me...maybe not.

We got an email from our loan officer today with the updated pricing and estimated closing cost. I was happy to see that everything we added did not take it up as high as I thought. It was a little stressful thinking about that this past couple of weeks. I feel a lot better about the situation. The only things I said I wanted to buy right away was a refrigerator and blinds. Well my dad offered to buy our refrigerator for our Christmas gift this year so that was a HUGE load off. The refrigerator I want is really expensive though so I am trying to get him to split it with me because I don't want to cost him that much money.

I am looking forward to our preconstruction meeting tomorrow and I am hoping to finally have a time line. All of your blogs have been so helpful. I have figured out my list of questions and I am hoping to get some positive resutls. I would never be able to be a PM...I would get tired of asking the same questions over and over and over and over and over again.

Oh and I am pretty sure my neighbor that just moved into their new house this past week things I am stalking him. He lives at the back of the culdesac and I happned to follow him all the way from the highway through the city to the culdasac (about 4 or 5 miles) and then while he pulled into his driveway I looped around and left. Haha!

Well results to come tomorrow!

Happy building :)

Monday, October 22, 2012


I AM JUMPING UP AND DOWN AGAIN! I feel like I did when I found out my loan was approved! We got an official date and time for our pre-construction meeting! Friday @ 12:00pm! This is perfect. I almost wont be able to concentrate on anything else the rest of this week. This whole thing is so sureal and I though that having the loan approved would make it real. Then the scheduling of the preconstruction... Now I dont know if it will every feel real lol. Probably not until I have to pay the first mortgage payment HA!

Well anyway I have been enjoying everyone's photos so much and can't wait until I get to share some of my own! Good luck to everyone who is building this week! I know I will be checking out everyone's blogs more now (dont know if that is possible!).



So remember how I said in my last post it seems like every time I bitch about something on my blog it gets done? I.e. NVR? Well here is another to add to the list!!! Got to work this mornging to find an email from my SR that said that she will find out today which specific day but she said the preconstruction will be scheduled for this Thursday or Friday from 11-2pm!!!! I am so excited! I am going to have to drive by the site every day until it starts snowing! Hope its beautiful weather this week so they progress on my neighbors houses!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

21 days....

So it seems like the only time anything gets done is when I bitch about it on my here goes. I have been trying to paitently wait for any kind of communitcation from Ryan homes for 21 days. It has been 21 days since I have heard that my loan was approved. I have not received anything from Ryan since them. Any communication that has happend was becuase I initiated it. Then there have been vauge answers given back. When I asked for an estiamte date of when our pre-construction would be I got "We can not schedule the pre construction until we have everything in order. I will be in touch ASAP"....Well that was two weeks ago.

I don't expect Rome (or in this case Florence) to be built in a day. I do however expect that Ryan homes initiate the contact that we have and I expect them to have updates on the progress on a weekly-bi weekly basis. Permits are issued imidiatly the day of the inspection in my town. So obviously the hold up is the blueprints. Why is there a hold up with blueprints? Don't they already have them drawn out? Besides its not like there is a housing boom right now... although it is picking up the mortgage business is still slow relative to where it was a couple years ago. Trust me...I would know. I work for a large mortgage company.

I just want a simple answer. When can we EXPECT (not know for sure) to hear back about the pre-construction meeting. Be specific...I don't want to hear "three or four weeks". I want to hear "The week of the 29th of October".

On another note the community is developing well. Drove by yesterday. There are 2 houses that have foundations waiting for frames. One house that was half framed. One lot that was staked. And four lots (including ours) that is sitting empty. The lot that is staked and the lot next to it (one street over) are the only two lots in front of ours. Hopefully they stake the other lot and start digging next week and then we will be on deck. There are two lots across from us that sold about two weeks ago so they will be after us.

Just ready to see some progress....It seems like last week there was so much progress on all of your homes and that kept me busy. But this week it has slowed down and now I am bored. :(


Monday, October 8, 2012

Still no preconstruction meeting

So I know they said it would be 3 weeks (1 week ago) before they got the blueprints and permits...but I wish they would schedule our pre-construction meeting so that when they do get all of it back they can start... I feel like this past week I have been calmer and more patient, But as more and more of you near breaking ground...even those of you who signed contractors at or after I did...I am getting more and more anxious. And before you say it, I know it varies by community...just a little down lately and this would be a good pick me up. Oh well...I guess I just have to keep playing the waiting game...


Friday, October 5, 2012

Meanwhile back at the ranch....

So we are now playing the waiting game and I am not a good waiter but I took some advice and started to look at/think about other things that will get my mind off of the waiting. So this post is for that.

First of all I did some budgeting and calculating and it looks like we are going to have just enough to close and furnish our hose in February. So with that being due I politely tell my family and friends that I don't want anything from them for Christmas because I can't afford to get them anything? I don't want to be rude but I normally am the one in the family that goes all out because I like spending money to get things for other people. This year I just can't let that trying to thing of a way I explain this to my family and friends with out making them mad.

Second...I figured out (by looking at the blogs) the two things I am going to be disappointed with when the house is done. First off we added two recessed lights above the fireplace...I wanted the spotlight effect. Then a week after it was to late to change anything I was explaining to our old sale's rep how excited I was about the mantel and she was liked "Oh you chose recessed lights not eye ball lights so you may not get the effect you want"....Really!?! I explained this to you last week when I added the lights and you couldn't have said anything then? So maybe it is my fault but I am still sad about it. I have a friend that is building in a different community and she said that we may be able to just switch them out.... Is that possible? Oh well not that big of a deal...Guess its just my OCD kicking in.

The second thing I will be disappointed with is the master bathroom. When original SR asked if i wanted "porcelain or fiberglass" I asked what the difference is. She said well Porcelain is harder to clean. I said oh well I don't want that. And when we went to right rug because I was not getting a porcelain tub and vinyl for the bathrooms...they did not ask me about tile options for the bathroom. Now I am sad because I see how pretty the porcelain is and I wish I would have known the true difference so that I could make an educated decision. Too late now.

I have been looking through everyone's blogs and it has kept my spirits up to see everyone building! Can't wait to be able to post pictures of ours. another thing I can't wait for is school to be over! Hubby is 1 1/2 semesters away from graduating with his masters. UGH I still have 1 1/2 years until I graduate with my hard to think about school when all I want to do is dream about the house :)

Well that’s about all for now...To those of you building keep the pictures coming because I am stalking your pages :o)


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Sign of Things to Come

So here is an update to my last post. I called back to the model (3 more times) and finnaly my new SR answered the phone. I asked her about the refrigerator and she said that because it does not sound like the refrigerator option was explained to us she would try to get it approved for us to drop it. She emailed me a short time later stating the request got approved (no extra cost) and provided a change order to sign and return (which I did this morning).

She also said that she was our new SR (which she was not sure of when I called). She told me her days off (which is awesome becuase I never have to call or drive and hope that she is there). She also said it will take 3-4 weeks to get the blueprints from the city along with the permits. She said once they are received the PM will contact her and she will contact us to schedule a preconstruction meeting. Has any one else been given the 3-4 week time frame? If so did it really take that long? I was thinking they would be breaking ground in a week maybe two weeks. Did not realize it would take that long....

I guess patience is a virture. I feel a lot better and our new SR seems like she knows what she is doing. Although I feel a lot better I still won't belive this is actually happening until they start diggingg.

I will keep you posted =]


Monday, October 1, 2012

Unorganized and Causing Frustration

My Ryan homes community is so unorganized and it is frustrating. Even though everyone we have met and talked to that works for Ryan seems nice and understanding, their lack of organization is frustrating me to no end! First off we really did not care for our SR to much. While she was a nice person to talk to and understanding, there were times when we felt like we were being ignored, in her way and I am pretty sure that we irritated the crap out of her. That being said we were not to sad when we found out last Friday that she had up and quit. However, it seems that her leaving has caused great confuseion at that Model. To start with, I mentioned before that they have sold out of all of their home sites, so I am pretty sure they don't want to put a permanent Sales rep back in that model just to pick up and leave in a few months.

We went on Friday to speak with them because we got our loan approval (hence how we found out our SR quit), and was told by the person staffing the Model that they could not help us and that the new SR is on vacation and would be back on Sunday. I even made sure to ask if she was just going to be back in town on Sunday or at the Model on Sunday and the lady told me she would be at the Model on Sunday. So Sunday I got up bright and early so that I could get all my errands done and go to the model when it opened. Got there and another non-sales rep was in the Model who also could not help us and said to come back on Monday.

SOOOO Flash forward 24 hours and I leave to go to the model on my lunch break. The model was supposed to open at 12 and I get there at 12:00 and no one is there. So I drive around a bit, get a bite to eat and go back around 12:30 and still no one. So I go back to work and pick up my phone and call over and no one is answering. I am so irritated right now. I would not be this irritated if our last SR didn't do the same thing. She would not be there when the model was supposed to be open. Then if we were there late she would push us out the door stating that she had "Birthday party to get to" and "an hour drive home".

Did I mention that my husband and I both work full time? I work 7:30 - 4:30pm and he works 8:00-6:00PM. We are both in school Granted all my classes are online, but he goes to class Monday - Thursday until 9 or 10pm....therefore it is important to us that we can reach a sales rep during important times such as on lunch breaks or weekends. I really wonder if Ryan knows whats going on in the Greens of Bunnell Hill....

So since my SR's are not holding up to their job standards, maybe you guys can help me. The first question I have is how long did it take to schedule you're pre-construction meeting after you got your approvals? The next question is not so easy. We went ahead and added the Refrigerator in our package...but after looking at the models Ryan offers, I really don't like any of them. So I wanted to go ahead and cancel this item but we are already passed our 30 days. Will they let me do this? I will even pay the charge if I have to...even though I don't want to. I would rather pay $250 to cancel that then to pay $2300 for a refrigerator that I don't want.

Any support you guys could give would fabulous seeing as how I feel alone and helpless :(