Monday, September 10, 2012

We got Approval!

Well Semi-approval. We got a call from our SR today and she said she spoke with her manager and they think that the Spanish Olive and Buff stone go nice together. They do not think it will be a problem. They still have to escalate it to their regional but they think we will get approval. She also said that her manager has the Buff stone for his fireplace and said he thinks it's a great combination. I'm pretty excited to get colors that we both agree on. Another plus is that no one else will have the same colors as us.

On another note, we went to IKEA to look around and get ideas. They have so much stuff there. I think I am most excited about the affordable cook ware and dinner ware. It is decent quality stuff for a good price. I am definitely going to stock up when we move into our new house. Our loan officer said that it normally takes 30 days to get an answer back on the loan approval, but he said that if we get him the rest of the info he was missing than he will work on getting us approved sooner. I am super excited. Once we get that approval things will really start to happen!

Now we just have to patiently wait until our electrical meeting with guardian Friday (ironically he just called while I was typing this to make sure we were still on for Friday), and our flooring meeting Sunday morning. We sat down with our SR on Saturday so all of the other options are finalized. Jason wrote a post earlier this week explaining the options we picked. He summarized it and left one very important thing out. He stated that we are upgrading our master bath but he failed to mention that we are getting JETS in our tub! I think I am most excited about that. Between the upgraded wood floors, the gas fire place, the double patio doors off the morning room and the amazing light options we choose I can barley sleep at night. Now if only we could get this loan thing done so that we can move forward with ground breaking!


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