Friday, September 28, 2012

Exterior options...and approvals....

So there has been so much to happen (yet little at all) over the past couple of weeks. I
will start where we left off which is the exterior colors. This was a major debacle for
us. We were concerned that we would have an ugly house….which was not happening.
We chose to go with the Ledgstone Buff and the Spanish Olive siding…but at first Ryan
said no. It was not on their “list of approved combinations”. So we made a big fuss about
it and our SR got it up to her manager which got it up to his manager and so on. Long
story short we received the final approval. So needless to say our house will definitely
be unique. The siding is a color that only two other houses in the DISTRICT (none in our
community) have. To top that off we will be pairing it with a stone that no one else has
had permission to pair it with.

With that solved it was on to add all of the other little extras we wanted. We met with
Guardian who pretty much showed us all the latest and greatest. Either he was a good
sales man or we are very gullible because we got practically everything. We chose to go
ahead and get CAT6 wiring (never know what the future will hold as far as technology).
We also chose to do the whole home audio system (speakers in the Master bath, Loft,
Kitchen and Deck). We are getting pre-mounts for a couple of rooms. The most important
was the central vac. Now while most will say this is unnecessary, you don’t know my
husband. He likes for the house to be clean and well vacuumed. When we showed my Mom
and step dad the house, my step dad made the comment that Jason will be spending all
of his free time vacuuming. We vacuum everyday, but it is necessary as we have three
cats and live in a two bedroom apartment. In the house the Cat’s will spend the majority
of their time in the finished basement, so we may not have to vacuum the entire house
every day. But for when we do vacuum it will be nice to have a LIFETIME guarantee on
the vacuum. We ware our vacuums out now about every 3 months. So anyway…back to
Guardian. We also choose to go ahead with the security system. Jason was most excited
about the early warning detection for fire and carbon monoxide (he has had a previous
house fire). So all in all we are going to be spending a pretty penny for guardian.

We also had the meeting for the flooring in which we also chose to upgrade. We
upgraded everything (carpet padding, type of carpet, hardwood floors and laminate).
So needless to say this added all up very quickly. We also are having a wall built in the
basement to separate the sump pump and water heater from the rest of the unfinished area
and have the unfinished area finished. We are going to make this into a sort of exercise
room. We are also having an extra washer dryer outlet installed in this area so that we can
purchase a Cat Genie. The Cat Genie is basically a flushable toilet for cats but instead of
being a toilet it is a litter box. It is pretty cool and will definitely cut back on our cleaning
time. With three cats…well you get the picture.

Now time to talk about my frustration/anxiety with NVR. So far every one has been
great. Our loan officer was straight forward with us but we have had credit problems in
the past. Our credit is cleared up now but we are still in the process of rebuilding those
scores. Because of this, they requested a little more documentation than would normally
be the case. Which is fine and I understand. We provided the process with all of the info
that she needed…three weeks ago today. She emailed us on Tuesday and said she sent
it to Underwriting and I call yesterday and she said we should hear back by the end of

next week. So where does the anxiety come in? Well first of all it took a lot to get our car
loans at the beginning of this year because of our credit history so the house loan is no
different…still nerve racking. When we met with our loan officer he said 30 Days and we
asked if there was a possibility of sooner and he said yes. I know this not a promise but it
was hope…but here we are 3 weeks later and we are just now going to underwriting. Not
to mention we are on deck to be staked and dug. If our financing does not come through
soon the other lots might get dug before ours. When we reserved our lot there were only
5 lots left to choose from. The 3 lots across the street from us where just sold this past
weekend. Those people are a week into their process so we have time. But I guess I am
anxious that they will get approval first and be built first which could cause us to be
pushed back, which could cause us miss our deadline to buy out of our current lease…..

Yeah this is what goes through my head at night when I am supposed to be sleeping. I
just need to take a chill pill and wait it out. I am so excited though! I can almost smell
the anniversary/valentines dinner I am going to make my husband in our new kitchen
(5 years a couple weeks after our promised delivery date. I am sure it will come soon
enough. Just cant wait. Well I leave you with a picture of our options.

White arrow is pointed to the kitchen/bathroom cabinets. Orange arrow pointing to the carpet in the upstairs bedrooms, main level family room and living room. Purple arrow carpet in the basement. Black arrow vinyl flooring for bathrooms/laundry room. Pink arrow pointing to hardwood floors in the kitchen/foyer/morning room. Grey arrow pointing to the handrails. Red arrow pointing to kitchen counter tops :)

I plan on swinging
by the lot this weekend and getting a couple of shots of the neighbors houses that where
not there a few weeks ago. Enjoy your weekend!


Since I wrote this post we got an eamil from our processor and we were approved!! I am so excited I can't wait to start the digging! Bad news our SR quit...but thats not that bad of news because she was not that great anyway. I think she kind of held it against us that we were 22 and building our first home. She would always make comments like "thats something you can do later" and trying to talk us out of things that were actually practical for us.  We are not that handy and we are both full time students working full time so we don't have a lot of time. If we wanted a fixer-uper we would have went with an older home.

So there I go ranting again...anyways we were approved and that is what counts :)


  1. Congratulations on getting your loan approval, your exterior house colors and getting into gear to break ground before the others in your community!!

    I think I know what I am going to get my daughter for Xmas!! The Cat Genie sounds like a BFF! :-) Do you have to have a washer dryer outlet or are there other options?

    1. You have to have some sort of water source and drain. You could hook it up to an existing sink or washer hook up. I think there are pipe splitter (not the accurate term) you can use.

  2. Congrats on your loan approval and on it coming through so quickly! We are over the two month mark and we have never had any credit issues. I'm hoping we'll hear something soon. Our ground breaking date has already been pushed back once.

    Our SR also quit, how weird! We had already met our new SR when we visited a model in another community so at least we already knew who we'd be working with... but then they moved her to a community about an hour away. I'm sure they shuffle people around for a reason, but it sure is inconvenient to play phone tag instead of being able to stop by the model to check in with our SR.

  3. Wow...You don't happen to live in Ohio do you? Just wondering if maybe it was the same SR lol.

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