Tuesday, February 5, 2013


These last couple days have been a whirl wind!!! So much has happened I don't really know where to start. I guess I will start with the day of closing. Jason and I dropped my car off at the dealership for a check up, ate breakfast and headed to the title office. We got there twenty minutes early and after sitting for about 30 minutes, the attorney came back and said that our closing docs were delayed with UPS due to delay in weather. So we waited....and waited...and waited some more. About two hours later we decided to go to home depot to set up a blind measure while we waited on the UPS truck. We got to Home Depot (about 20 minutes away) and as soon as we pulled into the parking lot we got a call saying the documents arrived. So we turned around and headed back. It took about twenty minutes to get all of the paperwork signed and we were handed the keys. So we stopped by the house to go through by ourselves...and drove about 2 hours away to meet with a friend who was going to give us a good deal on some tvs. Turns out the deal was not as good as we thought and we did purchase a 51" Samsung Smart and a 51" Samsung regular, two mounts, a roku box and of course a Keurig :). After that we ate dinner and ended up at Best Buy to look at tv stands. We walked out two hours later with 2 32" televisions another 51" Samsung Smart on order, two tv stands two more roku boxes three more mounts...oh and of course coffee for the Keurig.

 All in all Best Buy definitely gave us a MUCH better deal. So from there it was on to the apartment to finish packing and cleaning. About an hour into the process Jason started throwing up...The flue hits at the most inconvenient times. So he laied down while I finished up. He felt better so  we went to the house to unload some important stuff (I.e. Cat Toilet). We did not get to hook it up however because Jason got sick again...So it was off back to the apartment to go to sleep. So Saturday Morning we were up bright and early. Long story short...we started moving at 7:00am and did not finish until 10:00PM. It was a VERY LONG day! We spent all day Sunday and Monday unpacking, hanging televisions and putting together beds. The three best parts so far (besides how much I LOVE my new house!!) include my Kurig...I have drank about 3 cups of coffee/hot chocolate every day since Saturday  I LOVE it. I add some cream sugar (and sometimes whipped cream) and it takes like a $5 coffee...It will pay for itself in no time at all! I got so many flavors for it...from dark hot chocolate, to my fave vanilla caramel coffee, to even ICED TEA! Okay well its hot when you brew it but add some ice and you have instant sweet tea.

This leads me to my second favorite thing so far...my new refrigerator! It is absolutely gorgeous! It's huge and I LOVE the ice maker. It is exactly what I pictured in my dream kitchen. My absolute favorite thing about this house is the jetted bath tub!!! I was so sore after all of the packing and moving Sunday night that I sunk into the bath tub added some bubbles and could feel my muscles relaxing almost instantly! The only bad part is I did not realize that you had to use special bubbles for a jetted bathtub and by the time I got done rinsing out the bubbles ...20 minutes later my back and knees were hurting again. I also love that I finally have a television in my bedroom. I can not wait to try it out tonight. Well I am beat...I think a nap is in order...Happy building!


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finnaly...Final Final Aproval!!!

Just got the word we are clear to close tomorrow! I can finnaly be excited! I have been so nervous and thinking of all the what ifs for such a long time it feels weird to be able to let loose and just be plain happy. Now just got to wait out the next 20 hours or so and it will be time!!! I don't think I am going to be able to sleep tonight :)

Happy Building...and closing =]


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Final walk through photos!!!

Final walk through went really well. If you notice a white spot in the living room and basement there is a reason...They forgot to hook up the electric to the jetted bathtub in the master bath. So they had to cut a hole in the walls to run electric up to it. Other than that a few touch up stuff but mostly great. Still have not heard from NVR about loan approval. Appraisal came back and all is good. We were told the final amount to bring to closing. Almost everything is packed...hopefully we finish up tomorrow. Hopefully we have our final NVR approval tomorrow as well. Really looking forward to Friday. One more day and then 10 days off!!!!

Living room/fireplace
See where the hole was? lol
Front room

Living room again
Under cabinet lighting with appliances and counter tops :)
Still going to be a mud pit but the front door was painted.

refrigerator area

Love Love Love the kitchen
Morning room
Dishwasher and Sink...we will be upgrading the sing faucet ourselves. 
French patio doors

Morning room
STOVE! my first glass top :)
View from morning room

As always happy building :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Starting to get worried....

So our final walk through is in about an hour (yay!) and I just got an emal from NVR stating they need yet another document. I am sooooo worried that they are going to be needing documents right up until the last minute we are supposed to close and them BOOM no closing because they are waiting on a document...it makes me really sick to my stomach. If we don't close on Friday all my plans are out the window....I am such a control freak. Anyway I guess what upsets me the most is that they have had this other document for over two weeks and they are just now telling me that it is wrong? They could not have looked at it a little sooner than 3 days before closing? I know I just need to suck it up, let it go and give them what they ask for but for now I am going to vent about it on my blog becuase it makes me feel better.

as always...Happy Building :)


Monday, January 28, 2013

Final Walk Through

Our final walk through is tomorrow at 9am!!!!! I am very excited. Our PM called today and said they were doing the final paint touch ups and cleaning everything up. Now if only we can get that final approval from NVR we will be good. So far I think we will be good to close on Friday...at least I hope so. My dad is coming down to help us move...the u haul is rented, the cable man scheduled and the refrigerator is also supposed to be delivered. If we don't close Friday...Well I guess I will just spend the day rescheduling everything. We have to be out of the apartment by the 5th so hopefully all goes well. I can not believe it is finally here. Time has just flown by! Just a few months ago we were calling a hole in the ground our home. Now if the rain would just hold out tomorrow so that we can  get a driveway poored...fat chance :(

Well pictures to come tomorrow night. As always happy building (and for those of you about to close...happy packing!)


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

8 Days - NVR Drama

As much as I would love to vent in the blog post I decided not to. I have talked to a few other people who have built new homes and used mortgage companies other than NVR and they expeirenced the same thing I am experiencing. Therefore I have concluded that it is not NVR's fault but rather the process. Overall the Processor at NVR has been great. She has been very upfront with me reguarding information she was missing. We received some news from NVR today and it is to complicated to put in writing so lets just say it resulted in $1725 of the money we have saved up for closing cost as no able to be used towards closing costs-something about loan refunds or whatever....so that makes for another $1725 that we have to save from our paychecks by February 1st... except they want confirmation that it is in our bank account by Januray 27th...whatever it will be there just a little annoying that we have $1725 in our bank accounts that we are not allowed to use at closing- but we are not allowed to spend it until after closing either.

So then I got an email from my loan officer with a breakdown of what we are "offically" going to have to bring to closing, and it is about $1000 more than what we have been told during this entire process (including verbally last week). I do not understand how this is as if anything it should be lower due to the credit we got for locking in our rate. Then we found out that about $500 of it is going to be taken off of that estimate so that is a little better. It is still annoying that we thought we had all the money we needed for closing and now we need an additional $2225 before January 27th.

In other news we are going to walk through the house tomorrow. I think all the major stuff is done except countertops and stove/microwave...which PM said would be done Yesterday or the day before. They painted our front door on Monday. Our final walk through is scheduled for Tuesday January 29th so less than a week away. I can not belive we close a week from Friday...It feels so surreal. Of course school started back up about 2 weeks ago so that has kept me plenty busy. Between that and packing I don't think I have had time to really obsorb the fact that we will be homeowners in less than two weeks.

Jason is a little sad that we will not be getting a driveway until it warms up. There was a really small window of 50-60 degree wheather last week and Jason thought for sure they would have done it...and they did do our neighbors but ran out of time for ours. I am very excited to be moving in but I have to admit the place is a mud pit. There is dirt and mud EVERYWHERE. I will be so happy when they can install the driveway and sod.  Well I just wanted to get everyone up to day as I know I have not been writing a lot latly. Mostly pictures.

As always Happy Building!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Almost there

Congrats to everyone that has closed! I hope to be right along with you a week from Friday! For now...enjoy the pictures :)

Picture of window in loft area at top of stairs and guest bedroom 

my stairs :)

Looking down over the banister


Picture of the shower- taken by looking through the mirror

Walk in closet :)

Side window in future library area

I LOVE this picture!!

Fire Place :)

Mailbox...so official

I love this window :)

Cant wait until we have grass and a driveway


harry potter closet :)

Living room 

I love this sink!

our deck! its really muddy right now though :(

So happy with the way it turned out

not much progress in the kitchen 

It works :)

Flooring :)

my railings...sad they got it on the wall but hopefully they will fix it 

Future library windows :)

i LOVE my tub!
Looking down on the deck from bedroom window

In love with my stairs and railings 

loft again

Stairs to basement

Pretty mirror

my second favorite bathroom in the house 

kind of blurry 

looking up the stairs from basement

future office area

cat room - where the cat toilet goes :)


more speakers :)

Happy building!